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HR Service with powerful automation tools

Our AI-HR-Service-Center automatically resolves HR inquiries, ensuring a superior employee experience and increasing the efficiency of HR Service Center teams.

Employee Questions

We Help You Achieve:


reduction of service requests for ​ HR Service Centers


fewer questions for HR Managers


in cost savings per 100 employees per year ​

High Fidelity HR Chatbot

It's natural to be overwhelmed by the range of HR resources and regulations - got a question? Just ask.

Our HR-AI-Chatbot in Microsoft Teams is here to clarify HR questions, drawing from accurate, trusted sources. For both employees and HR personnel.

Easy-to-use chatbot interface for employees, managers, and HR professionals.

Intuitive AI-driven interaction for a wide range of HR queries.

Customizable interface for different user groups within your organization.

HR Answers

Streamlined HR Processes

Tired of filling out forms? 

Our HR-AI-Chatbot understands natural language requests and guides you through HR processes, pulling available information from third-party systems. Eliminating the need for further manual processing.

Automated form selection.

Automatically prepopulate forms with employee details.

Chat-driven form completion.

HR Ticketing Integration

Frustrated with the endless loop of referrals?

Our HR-AI-Chatbot tracks all interactions as tickets. When human input is required, the appropriate HR employee is pulled in, optimizing efficiency and reducing referral rounds.

Case tracking for efficient resolution of inquiries.

Smart routing of pre-qualified inquiries to the right HR employee.

Feedback loop to improve chatbot responses.

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Analytics & KPI Dashboard

Do you want more oversight into your HR Service Center?

Our analytics and KPI dashboard provides you insight into the status of your HR services.

Performance metrics to track inquiry resolution effectiveness.

Employee satisfaction analytics to measure response to HR services.

Trend identification to highlight common issues raised by employees.

Automated HR Knowledge Base

Do you strugle to keep up with your latest document changes?

Our AI-HR-Service-Center integrates your existing HR documents and monitors for any changes.

Central repository for all HR knowledge.

Dynamic integration of new documents and updates.

AI augmented search functionality for quick information retrieval.

HR Answers
Seamless integration

Seamless Integration

We integrate seamlessly with your existing HR tools, enhancing its capabilities without adding complexity. 

We make sure that the HR documents we use are up to date, connect with your team in the way they're most comfortable, and integrate with the HR Suite you are currently using.

Navigate Complex Regulations

Our AI assistant understands the four layers of German regulations (law, collective bargaining agreements, company agreements, and employee contracts), ensuring compliance and accurate responses.

Harmonize Your HR Tools

Our AI assistant combines and simplifies HR expertise, workforce management tools, communication platforms, and service procedures for a seamless HR experience.

Extend Your Existing Solutions

Our AI assistant enhances and complements existing HR systems, avoiding the need for a complete overhaul or replacement.

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